Isnin, 27 Oktober 2008

5 Study Secrets

Tips and Tricks to Help You Pass Your Exams
By Jamie Littlefield

Most students hate tests. They hate the feeling of trying to remember the answer to a question, worrying that they focused on the wrong material, and waiting to receive their results. Whether you learn at a traditional school or study from the comfort of your own home, chances are you’ll have to sit through many a test-taking experience. But, there are a few tricks you can learn now to avoid the worry before you’re in the heat of the moment. Give these five proven study tips a try and see how much better you feel during your next exam.

1.Survey your textbook or workbook before you read.

  • Take a couple of minutes to find the glossary, index, study questions, and other important information. Then, when you sit down to study, you’ll know where to find the answers you are looking for. Make sure you read any study questions before you read the chapter. These questions let you know what you can probably expect in any upcoming tests, papers, or projects

3.Attack your textbook with sticky notes.

  • As you read, summarize (write down the main points in just a few sentences) each section of the chapter on a post-it note. After you have read the entire chapter and summarized each section, go back and review the post-it notes. Reading the post-it notes is an easy and fast way to review information and, since each note is stuck in the section it summarizes, you can easily find the information you need.

3.Use a graphic organizer to take notes when you read.

  • A graphic organizer is a form you can use to organize information. As you read, fill out the form with important information. Then, use your graphic organizer to help you study for the test. Try using the Cornell notes worksheet (you can download an example at Jim Burke’s website). Not only does this organizer let you record important terms, ideas, notes, and summaries, it also lets you quiz yourself on that information by folding the answers upside down.

4.Make your own practice test.

  • After you finish reading, pretend you are a professor who is writing a test for the chapter. Review the material you just read and make up your own practice test. Include all vocabulary words, study questions (they’re usually at the beginning or end of the chapter), and highlighted words you can find, as well as any other information you think is important. Take the test you’ve created to see if you remember the information. If not, go back and study some more.

5.Create visual flashcards.

  • Flashcards aren’t just for primary students. Many college students find them useful as well! Before you take a test, make flashcards that will help you remember important terms, people, places, and dates. Use one 3x5 index for each term. On the front of the card, write down the term or question you need to answer and draw a picture that will help you remember it. This will help ensure that you grasp the study material as you’ll find that it’s almost impossible to sketch something you don’t really understand. On the back of the card write down the definition of the term or the answer to the question. Review these cards and quiz yourself before your actual test.


Smart Study Strategies.

Study Skills for 7 Intelligence Types
By Jamie Littlefield

Image by © Randy Faris/Corbis

People are smart in different ways. Some people can create a catchy song at the drop of a hat. Others can memorize everything in a book, paint a masterpiece, or be the center of attention. When you realize what you’re good at, you can figure out the best way to study. Based on Howard Gardner’s theory of intelligence, these study tips can help you tailor your learning for your intelligence type.

Word Smart (Linguistic intelligence) – Word smart people are good with words, letters, and phrases. They enjoy activities such as reading, playing scrabble or other word games, and having discussions. If you’re word smart, these study strategies can help:

  • make flashcards.
  • take extensive notes.
  • keep a journal of what you learn.

Number Smart (logical-mathematical intelligence) - Number smart people are good with numbers, equations, and logic. They enjoy coming up with solutions to logical problems and figuring things out. If you’re number smart, give these strategies a try:

  • make your notes into numeric charts and graphs.
  • use the roman numeral style of outlining.
  • put information you receive into categories and classifications that you create.

Picture Smart (spatial intelligence) – Picture smart people are good with art and design. They enjoy being creative, watching movies, and visiting art museums. Picture smart people can benefit from these study tips:
  • sketch pictures that go along with your notes or in the margins of your textbooks.
  • draw a picture on a flashcard for each concept or vocabulary word you study.
  • use charts and graphic organizers to keep track of what you learn.

Body Smart (Kinesthetic intelligence) – Body smart people work well with their hands. They enjoy physical activity such as exercise, sports, and outdoor work. These study strategies can help body smart people be successful:

  • act out or imagine the concepts you need to remember.
  • look for real-life examples that demonstrate what you’re learning about.
  • search for manipulatives, such as computer programs, that can help you master material.

Music Smart (Musical intelligence) – Music smart people are good with rhythms and beats. They enjoy listening to cds, attending concerts, and creating songs. If you’re music smart, these activities can help you study:

  • create a song or rhyme that will help you remember a concept.
  • listen to classical music while you study.
  • remember vocabulary words by linking them to similar-sounding words in your mind.

People Smart (Interpersonal intelligence) – Those who are people smart are good with relating to people. They enjoy going to parties, visiting with friends, and sharing what they learn. People smart students should give these strategies a try:

  • discuss what you learn with a friend or family member.
  • have someone quiz you before an exam.
  • create or join a study group.

Self Smart (Intrapersonal intelligence) – Self smart people are comfortable with themselves. They enjoy being alone to think and reflect. If you’re self smart, try these tips:

  • keep a personal journal about what you’re learning.
  • find a place to study where you won’t be interrupted.
  • keep yourself involved in assignments by individualizing each project.


Teacher's Anual Dinner 2008

Friday (evening), 24th October - These scenes were captured at SMK Seri Bintang Selatan. I don't want to tell much about it..just see it for yourself. .

Permenent duty

How much longer shall us waiting to eat?

Tuan Hj Meor doing his speech. I like his idea about bringing"anak yatim" for the next teachers anual dinner or any event that going to conduct by school. We should do that a long time ago.

..more image at http://www.smksbs.edu.my/. Soon..

Selasa, 21 Oktober 2008

Hari Anugerah Kokurikulum SMKSBS

Tomorow will be the day and we finally finished the backdrop. Thanks to all students (can't mention all the names cause i can't remember all yet-to be fair all of them are form 4 students) who have being soo helpful since Monday. Thank you, thank you soo much!

The stage is ready for tomorow event. Hopes everthing going well.

Isnin, 13 Oktober 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday My Sweet Girl.

You are my sunshine..and my only sunshine(for now, hopefuly can be more soon:))..hihihe..

Today Oct.13th is my doughter's birthday (Nureisya Safieya). Fall on Monday, after weekend..my mum and sis may find it pretty hard to come due to their comitment of works and business. So me and wife have decided to celebrate it a day earlier on Sunday,12th Oct..at our own apartment. It was just simple birthday party we arranged.

For you Aiesya..We just want you to know how much we love you. You will always in our heart..more than everything....Happy birthday my sweet girl. Be good.

Here some pictures of the party held:

My ex - class students, Najah, Alia, Dayana and Nazira.Actually they were just spent for "beraya" which has...

...brought them to join the birthday party held later in evening...Anyway Thanks for coming ladies..You have help us a lot (to finish the food..hahaha! joke) Azmil' also came...thank you..

Me, wife and birthday's girl, Aiesya.

With sis(red shirt),my nephew (Danis),brother in law and mum.

Yeaa..sila-sila tambah..
Big present from mama and Farah. A play house set. I wish she will get the real one on her birthday next year.. ahaks.

Khamis, 9 Oktober 2008


Bahasa Melayu:Tingkatan 1

Kertas 1
  1. Tatabahasa.
  2. KOMSAS - Antologi Sehijau Warna Daun.

Kertas 2

Seperti biasa ada ringkaan petikan, kefahaman, karangan berdasar bahan ransangan dan karangan pilihan: Bagi yang ingin memilih karangan berformat, sila ulangkaji teknik penulisan:

  1. surat tidak rasmi atau...

  2. perbahasan dan ..

  3. laporan

Pendidikan Seni Visual- Tingkatan 1

Kertas 1

Asas Seni Reka:
Unsur seni:
  1. garisan
  2. rupa

  3. bentuk

  4. jalinan
  5. ruang

  6. warna
Prinsip rekaan:
  1. harmoni

  2. kontra

  3. keseimbangan

  4. pergerakan

  5. kepelbagaian

  6. kesatuan

Seni Halus:
  1. lukisan

  2. catan

  3. arca
Kertas 2:
Menghasilkan landskap (pemandangan) menggunakan media lukisan atau catan dan mereka bentuk corak bagi kegunaan tertentu.

Pendidikan Seni Visual - tingkatan 2

Asas Seni:( diambil secara rawak. Apa-apa tajuk ada kemungkinan masuk)

Seni Halus:
  1. lukisan

  2. catan

  3. arca

  4. cetakan
Komunikasi Visual:
  1. Grafik ilustrasi

  2. multimedia
Kraf Tradisional:
  1. Ukiran kayu


Ahad, 5 Oktober 2008

School Break Past..but Eid still oN!! Selamat Hari Raya

Assalam...sejahtera semua yang membaca.

Hari ini masuk hari keenam umat Islam di Malaysia khasnya menyambut Aidilfitri, Hari kebesaran, hari kemenangan setelah sebulan berpuasa..ye..semua tahu itu. Sebenarnya saya baru sahaja kembali dari kampung..siang tadi dayana (4B) call..kata nak datang tapi cikgu mohon maaflaa sebab rumah masih tungang langgang. InsyaAllah buka sekolah saya dan keluarga sedia menerima kegadiran kalian..jemputlah datang yee..

(Gambar atas) Kepenatan baru tiba dari kampong(Perak)..nasib baiklah jalan tak jam..Perjalanan lancar dan selamat walaupun kereta sedikit banyak dari kebiasaan dan hujan..dengar radio mereka dari pantai timur kandas akibat jalan sesak teruk..lantak..jangan korang sambung cuti udah..idok lee teman n cikgu-cikgu lain tersikse merilef mi'ke sume.. kalian murid-murid pun samalah..jangan ponteng!!

Cuti udah raya masih...jangan pula lupa pada peperiksaan akhir tahun. Tak lama lagi..PMR pun dah tinggal seminggu lagi wooo..tak taulah kalu korang ingat masih boleh nak behungga-hungga dan main-main.Belajar rajin-rajin..berjaya kelak mohon sekolah sains asrama penuh..kalau idak diterima pun teruslah sambung kat SBS ni..ok aje boleh berjaya juga.

Ok, sempena peperiksaan yg hampir sudah ni bah..tengok-tengoklah nota papan putih kat bawah ni..saya cover 3 bab terus..makluman untuk form 1 PSV tajuk masuk dari asas seni reka (Unsur dan prinsip rekaan: garisan sampai warna: Harmoni sampai kepelbagaian) dan 3 tajuk bidang seni halus: Lukisan/catan dan cetakan). Form 2 pula..tajuk masuk( Lukisan/ catan/ arca/ cetakan/ grafik-ilustrasi&multimedia/ kraf ukiran dan aprisiasi seni visual). Bahasa Melayu form 1 - erm...nak kasik tahu ke tak aaa? Nantilah..tunggu post yang lain ye.

Bolehlaa jikalau nak copy gambar-ganbar bernota di atas ni tapi jangan jadikan sebagai toyol lak! Siap laa sesape yang buat dan terkantoi kelak. Sekian dahulu untuk kali ini, Salam muhibah, salam perpaduan..belajar rajin-rajin. Jumpa di sekolah.