Rabu, 24 Disember 2008

Murals complete

Too lazy to documenting all the process actually..So let just forget about the days me and rahim have spent to finish this project because we already settled it today after 5 days since we started as a result..as u can see and as we were expacted here the pics. Not good enough but we satisfied. OK laa...(bluek!) -another poyos post by adeirwan apandi

Rabu, 17 Disember 2008

Mural Begins - Day 1

10:00 am: Finally we have started Kokurikulum mural's project today after being delayed for couple of weeks. Yet Its me and Rahim again were doing it. Question: Where are the students? Answer: Dont know where they are...still on vacation perhap. .but it 's ok then,..no big deal to me, showing a good example is more important, Hopefuly they (students) know, we teachers willing to do and sacrifice our quality time with family for schools good.(poyor siut).

Cikgu Rahim charging his aura and force of painting ability. Aaaauuummmmm...


Me personally cant wait to finish it but we still have other priorities to manage. The job will be contineu tomorrow.


Selasa, 2 Disember 2008

Wind of Change

Bored and tired with drawing and hand painting activities, so I’ve decided to move on for my another interest which is computer graphic. It was happen when one of the sport segment bulletins that I watched covered the launch of Kelantan’s new session jersey with batik design on it. My reaction.. wow!..but yes it seems quiet weird at the first look but the idea has made me thought beyond it..Why not, for once if any big brands such as Nike, adidas e.g.. implementing the same idea to theirs, then we can see clubs such as Man Utd, Liverpool or even Chelsea wearing jersey with batik on it.. Isn’t it a pride? I didn’t wanted to just sat and imagine it so I’ve designed one for my own satisfaction and perhaps also for your viewing pleasure.

This could be ManUtd 2009/10 session home jersey? A Massage for any sport brand cooperated and industries especially Nike,… Hire me!!


I already known your question..so I answer it right away…an actual picture that I've used was below..

Then with a little knowledge and skills using adobe illustrator and photoshop I made it be as you seeing. Frankly, i am not good enough with Adobe..everything i explored by myself.

*I allow anyone to comment about this post..please, be my guest.